Tue, Sep 02, 2014
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It takes a village ...

The Village

Writers Village University is more than a great place to learn how to write; it's a living, breathing community of writers from around the world. Education should be a life-long pursuit for beginning and experienced writers. At Writers' Village University, you'll get to know a community of friendly, helpful members who have made education an important part of their lives.
The "Village," as writers often refer to Writers' Village University, is a full-time support service and is always growing, offering new courses, seminars and special programs. As a member, you may take as many courses and workshops as you'd like. Many seminars are included too. You won't need to spend thousands of dollars on MFA programs, university creative writing courses and workshops like I've done.  -- Best of all, you can fit courses to your schedule and pace. Programs are available for every level of writer. If you're a beginner, you won't have to worry about harsh, intimidating criticisms of your work. We prefer to encourage and build confidence. For more advanced writers, we provide guidelines that encourage detailed, constructive criticism  with an emphasis on balance. We know it's just as important to point out the strong points in a writer's work as it is to suggest areas to improve.


WVU's Fiction MFA is back with added courses and more flexibility. New classes begin every Thursday. You can now take courses individually at your own pace. Three levels available for  beginning, intermediate and advanced writers. All courses will run in rotation, so if you miss or can't complete one, you can jump in on the next round.

The MFA Program is free to Annual and Lifetime  Members. Annual Memberships are $99 for the first year and $69 to renew.

Our Members Say...

WVU, my home within my home!

"I find that WVU is my home within my home. The camaraderie that inter-weaves among the mentors and students is the exceptional aspect that WVU has that other sites don't have. Everyone is helpful from the top of the line to the beginners entering. It is just a great place to grow as a writer.
"WVU, my home within my home!""

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